Release Note

Release Update: July 3, 2019

Version 3.1 (Commit ID - 2058d5eb)

What’s new?

  • Google Search
  • Permission Control
  • Change Detection
  • Currency Type
  • Change Stock Type
  • Changes in Reports



  • Changed every search module like as google search.
  • Added permission control feature to control the authorization of users.
  • Added change detection feature to track data changes.
  • Combined codes from different projects into one code base.
  • Added currency type “USD” for purchasing from suppliers and payments.
  • Improved data loading performance.
  • Added change stock type feature to control stock management.
  • Added total amount of all invoices in sales report.
  • Added new sheet in supplier ledger and closing reports for currency type “USD”.


  • Removed buttons from all search modules.
  • Changed “Search Box” style.
  • Changed the stock list display.
  • Reduced buttons from location menu to clear.
  • Modified login screen.
  • Changed menu from top right corner.
  • Supported user guide in software.


  • [SNDIS476] Packaging type can’t be changed in editing route.
  • [SNDIS484] Excel report of transfers can’t be generated for all locations.
  • [SNDIS485] Can’t edit payment.
  • [SNDIS494] Can’t generate reports for invoices.
  • [SNDIS499] If credit period is not added, new borrower risk can’t be saved.
  • [SNDIS504] “Existing routes can’t be shown in route selection box.
  • [SNDIS508] When the lucky draw amount is added, total amount will wrong in “Edit Purchase Order” form.
  • [SNDIS509] Total amount is wrong in purchase report after returning to a supplier.
  • [SNDIS518] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in customer ledger report.
  • [SNDIS524] If the products are converted as “Damage”, the product quantities from the stock balance report are wrong.
  • [SNDIS538] Available quantity error in editing route.
  • [SNDIS633] Total amount from sales report is wrong.
  • [SNDIS649] Location quantity is not decreased if the supplier returns.
  • [SNDIS659] Total payment is wrong in payment detail list.