BizLeap HR 3.4 Released!!!

The best HR software getting even better
September 10, 2020

What's new?

BizLeap technology today announces the release of its newest version 3.4 of popular HR software with 30 more features and improvements requested by the customers.

  • ● If you would like to know details about them, you can check in our release note.
  • ● We have a user guide that can help how to use the software in detail.

What is Better now?

Payroll is easy!

Everything with payroll is automated including fingerprint, shift, and attendance, deductions, allowances, and taxes. Calculate payroll with a click of a button and print payslip at any time you want. See deduction down to the minutes of each occurrence.

Use mobile for fingerprinting

With an easy touch, using the BizLeap mobile app, eachemployee can submit in- time /out time quickly and easily. The system will even capture and show you the location where it is submitted. That way you can avoid the long line at each fingerprint machine and also avoid unnecessary risk of infections

Not only fingerprinting, but each employee can also apply to leave on the phone. Take workload off the HR. There are many more you can do on the phone.

Do You want to Learn more?

There are many other features that will make your HR easy. If you want a demo or training, just email or call us.