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What are the key features in BizLeap HR mobile?

Key Features of HR Mobile

BizLeap's software engineers are hardly working to create new versions of the HR mobile application to make it easier for users to use. The followings are the most serviceable and popular features among the HR mobile features.

Clocking-in & Clocking-out

  • There are two major types of check-in through mobile: having a fingerprint sensor or not.
  • You just need to click the submit button even if your phone doesn't have a fingerprint sensor. Then the system will save the time you have clicked with your location.
  • For multi-shift users, the system automatically detects the associated shift according to when the user submitted it.


  • In the attendance module, the user can easily view information about the daily attendance in-time and out-time.
  • The system categorizes the attendance types such as on-time, late allowed, late and overtime, and so on. Therefore the user can view the employees' attendance throughout the office if the user is allowed to view, such as those who arrive at work on time, those who get back from work on time, and those who work overtime.
  • The user can retrieve attendance records by a specific date and with a google search and advanced search engines.
  • The user can also connect the mobile phone and fingerprint machine to submit the attendance.


  • The system divides this module into two tabs: search and creating tasks. Relevant pending task lists are shown.
  • The user can search for the tasks in three ways: google search, advanced search, and filters.
  • The user can also do operations like approve, cancel and edit related to the tasks over the mobile phone app.
  • Through the mobile app, the user is allowed to create a Leave form task, Rest Day form task, Overtime form task, Attachment Full Payroll Form task, and Holiday Overtime form task.


  • In the payroll section, users' payroll detail calculations are described monthly.
  • Searching with a specific month is available.
  • Payslip can be downloaded.
  • Payroll reports can easily be retrieved as Excel file from financial management.
  • Pay calculaion can be customized according to the company policies and employees' deductions.

Which services can you get from HR software?

Key Features of BizLeap HR

Employee Directory

HR team can organize information of the employees such as personal profile, job profile, policies, contracts and customized information.The employees can access basic information and contact info of their colleagues.

Customize Policies and Permission

The HR team can customize office policies, control and allocate the permission of those who can access, edit and/or view through the whole and/or part of the system based on employees’ role so that there will be no single drop of information leaked out.

Attendance Scheduler

The HR team can assign attendance schedules and different work shifts.The employees can also review their attendance.

Leave Management

HR team can manage leave information of the employees automatically. Every communication concerning with leaves will be on through BizLeap HR.The employees can request leave and check leave information such as leave history, colleagues on leave and public holidays.

Automated Payroll

Based on your policies, we calculate each employee's salary accurately inculding taxes.

Overtime Managment

HR team can manage overtime working hours and records of employee.

Cloud and Mobile

The HR team can manage their work through mobile device due to our software used cloud-based system.

Change Detection

HR team can review the history of work through BizLeap HR.

Group Messaging

Employee can talk with their supervisor or their partner through BizLeap HR Messaging even they are not at work. They can also manage about meeting time and send other files through it.

Paperless Workflow

BizLeap HR store every data and documentations on cloud. So the HR team doesn't need to use any file or paper.

Document Management

BizLeap HR can store all information of employee in each account. So HR team can save their time and space for documentation.

Assets Management

HR team can manage asset information and allocate assets to employees across the company. The employees can check their allocated assets.


Check HR Software Pricing



3000 ksper Employee For a Month

Over 20 employees

  • Payroll Management
  • Fingerprinting / Attendance Management
  • Employee Lifecycle Management & Paperless Workflow
  • Employee Data & Self-service
  • Department & Org Chart Management
  • Role-based Authorization
  • Powerful Search and reports
  • Robust Reporting

What does BizLeap Consulting mean?

Softwar Consulting Services

We mainly focus on suggesting the best and suitable solutions through the technologies side and within the clients' budget ranges. After that, we keep going as the following steps:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Designing
  • Discussing the customer with a prototype
  • Developing the product
  • Discussing with the customer and modifying until satisfied
  • Testing
  • Delivery

We always try to support the best software consulting services as much as we can. Therefore, if you wish to get these services, you only need to click the button below.

How We Work?

BizLeap Technology is a fast-growing IT company based in Yangon, Myanmar. We also have operations in Silicon Valley, California, U.S.A. We have been founded in 2014 by Myanmar IT professionals with more than 25 years of IT consulting experience in the U.S.A. We take pride in providing productivity, efficiency, and value to the business in Myanmar with its cutting-edge mobile, cloud, and web-based HR software.

Latest Technology

We use the latest technology in our product. Our BizLeap-HR software uses the cloud-based system and can access through both web and mobile. So, our customer can manage their work anytime, anywhere.

Simple Design

We use simple UI because simple is always better. That means anyone can easily use our products.

Excellent Service

We provide great services to our customers. Our customer can contact us 24 hours for help. We provide our service to their work if they need our help.We absolutely value every client’s success and we are confident that our world class products will bring productivity and business efficiency as well as transform your business operations into fully digital and a paperless system.


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